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Account Information

Outpost 10F offers web accounts to its membership for a fee. Web accounts feature a web site under the Outpost 10F domain name, web space for storage/development, an email account/mailbox, plus much more. Web accounts are favourable to those wanting to host their own personal web site under the Outpost 10F domain, obtain advertisement through the community, and enjoy friendly and responsive techincal support. A full description of web account features and services are listed in the next section.

Each web account is treated as a fictional "room" or "personnel quarters" in our schematics interface. The schematics interface is a dynamic navigation tool for site content and contains links to community projects, pages, games, and of course, members' web accounts. Placing links to members' web accounts in the schematics ultimately provides a unique theme to our web accounts and works to highlight one's site alongside other Outpost 10F content. To purchase a web account, simply load the schematics interface, click on the personnel room you wish to rent, and then follow the instructions provided. It is recommended however that prior to purchase, one read the following document.

Account Features

All accounts include the following basic features:

  • Web Page at
  • Online tools for managing your account >>
  • Backup and Restore utilities for safe guarding your site
  • Shared scripts enabling the use of page counters and the submission of form content
  • Email box
  • Email options such as additional aliases, forwarding, and vacation notifications
  • IMAP folders (enables one to retain email messages on the server in an organized fashion)
  • Webmail for checking your mail while on the road >>
  • Email virus scanning (removes viruses from mail messages, effectively protecting your computer)
  • Email spam scanning (removes and/or marks spam messages, cutting down on the annoyance)
  • Advertising via Outpost 10F's search feature (available on our page headers)
  • Advertising via our Schematics (your web page will be linked to the quarters you rented)
  • Advertising via chat posts (your web page will be linked to a special chat icon)
  • No pop up windows and/or advertising banners

There are three account levels each offering additional features. The cost of the account depends on the level you choose:

Level One - $50.00 US / year

  • 50 megabytes of web space

Level Two - $80.00 US / year

  • 80 megabytes of web space
  • Blog software for running your own online journal
  • MySQL database for blog software and other applications you might want to use

Level Three - $120.00 US / year

  • 120 megabytes of web space
  • Blog software for running your own online journal
  • MySQL database for blog software and other applications you might want to use
  • Free domain registration (with a redirect from your members account)
  • "Link Partner" status for OTF's Top Sites web site

Payment Methods

One may use the following methods when submitting account payments:

  • Cheque (for Canadian/US customers only)
  • Money Order
  • Pay Pal (credit card service)
* Note that those using Pay Pal must sign up for a Pay Pal account; it may take a month until you have received your Pay Pal confirmation number and start using your account to submit payments.
* Note that those using Pay Pal to submit payments are required to cover transaction fees. An additional $3.00 will be added on to a payment to cover these transaction fees.

Web Services Agreement

Outpost 10F requires all subscribers (you) to accept the following service agreement:

Detailed Feature Information

Online Management Tools

Outpost 10F web accounts come with an online tool for managing various aspects of your account. The tool is accessible through any web browser and enables you to:
  • Change your account password
  • Set a forwarding address for your email account
  • Set and activate a vacation message for your email account
  • View account usage (i.e. how much space has been used)
  • Backup and restore your site's contents


Outpost 10F web accounts utilize Emumail Webmail, enabling you to check your email via a web browser from any computer with an internet connection. This feature is handy if you're on the road. Emumail Webmail provides:
  • Address Book
  • IMAP Folders (for storing messages on the server in an organized format)
  • Spell Check
  • Drafts
  • Filters
  • Search Tool
  • Multiple Mailboxes
  • Email Signatures
  • Spam Detection




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