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Top Member Site Counter

On the left side of the Outpost 10F home page one can find a list of the top 5 member sites. These are sites of members who have purchased an Outpost 10F web account and have implemented our special counter script on their home page. Sites are ranked based on the number of hits they receive.

To set up your members site such that it has a chance at appearing in the top 5 member sites list you must enter this code somewhere on the home page of your web site:

<img src="">

Where XXXX is your officer ID. This value can be found by holding your mouse over the dossier icon in the chat room and looking at the resulting function call in the status line of your web browser.


  • The hit counters for all sites are set to zero every Sunday evening. This ensures everyone has the chance at the #1 slot for a given week.
  • The hit counter does compare IPs to ensure one doesn't run up the counter by hitting their browser refresh button dozens of times.




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