Drac's union page

I've only been to a few, but never have
I been bored at a union!

Amsterdam 2001   August 2001 Official Amsterdam Union, with a whole bunch of OTF-ers. And both good and bad memories.
Januari 2004   Januari 2004 Amsterdam, where DS came over to visite Henri, Monny, Chiel, Munro and me.
April 2004   April 2004 Scheveningen, where FM came over to visite Mulder, Monny and me.
Amsterdam 2004   April 2004 Amsterdam, where Randall and Jemmima came over to visite Chiel and me.
London 2004   August 2004 London, the official union.
Attending: Henri, Babel, Lindax, TK, E.I., KK, DS, Iain, Logan, PV, Andy, Dan, Danny, missMaul, Monny, Kooki,, Rex, Sylvius, Mitsky, Zeddy.
And friends: Cindy, Freya, Kooki's mom, Marsja, Naomi
Gent 2004   October 2004 Gent, mini Belgium union with
Dominique, Dracmus, Randall, Sylvius
  March 2005 London, mini union during Easter weekend. Attending where: Domminique, DS, Dracmus, Jaine, Lupus, missMaul, Neo, Sylvius.
  April 2005 Amsterdam, mini union. Attending where:
Rasharra, Monny, Henri, PV, Munro, missMaul and Dracs.
  August 2005 London, mini union. Showing up:
Demon Slayer, Dracmus, Evil Incarnate, Lupus, Sylvius, and a Debowli kid.

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