Star Trek Voyagers blueprints of the ship and information
Here you will find the blueprints of the starship voyager.

Voyagers Blueprints

Star trek: Voyager in action

Voyager in space Voyager near a sun
Voyager fighting the borg A crashing ship

The Statistics of United Star Ship U.S.S. Voyager NCC 74656
Starfleet Registry: Naval Construction Contract 74656
Class: Intrepid class, second of four as of SD 48315.6
Type: Science\Exploration Vessel
Commissioned: Stardate 48038.5
Launched: Year 2371
Standard Crew Compliment: 150 (175 maximum)
Officers: 30
Enlisted 120
VIPs: 5 (available)
Passengers: 20 (available)
Decks: 15
Turbolifts: 1 system, 4 cars
Holodecks: 2
Shuttle Bays: 2
Transporters: 4 personnel, 2 cargo
Cargo Bays: 4
Embarked Craft: 3 shuttlecrafts
  1 Delta Flyer class
Maximum Sustainable Speed: warp 9.975 (sustainable)
Length: 1130 feet
gross mass: 1.5 million metric tons
Specialities: gel packs containing bio-neural cells
Date Launched: Stardate 43038.5 (year 2371)
Dedication Plaque quote:
"For I dipt into the future,
far as human eye can see, Saw the Vision of the world, and all the wonder that would be."
From Tenneyson's Ulysses
The Starship Voyager is an Intrepid class exploration vessel, it is extremely fast and has advanced sensors, Voyager is no exception since the crews numerous encounters with the Borg and the edition of Seven of Nine to the crew it has been upgraded significantly with Borg technology.

One example is the Astrometrics lab, this is a joint combination of Borg and Federation technology and the result was an extremely advanced Stellar Cartography lab, it used Borg sensor technology to find distant stars and objects and had a huge database on the Galaxy.

Voyagers weapons and shields have also been improved so that they can fight the Borg and other species without causing to much damage to the ship.

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