star trek the next generation

Top 10 Phrases You Never Heard On The Enterprise

10. Space... It's really, really big.

9. Bend over, doctor. Engage.

8. You shall be punished for the crimes of humanity. Especially the 1970's.

7. Dang! Nothing worse than a Klingon fart!

6. Data. Data, you're drooling.

5. This is Captain Kangaroo of the starship Makebelieve.

4. Captain, it appears to be a planet. A planet of... apes.

3. We bartenders have an understanding of people. I call mine Guinanchology.

2. Wassup G? -- That's Q, banana-comb head!

1. Sheesh! It's those geeks from Babylon 5 again!
star trek the next generation
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