star trek the next generation

Top 10 Signs that the Enterprise is crewed by Satan worshipers!

10) Ship's food synthesizers make only deviled ham and deviled eggs.

9) Most common Sickbay complaint is neck cramps from being possessed by demons that make your head spin around, like in "The Exorcist."

8) Picard refuses to take the ship to any point in either the Northern or Southern Cross.

7) When the Captain's Log is played backward, hidden messages advocating Satan worship and human sacrifice can be heard.

6) A large cauldron, broomstick, and black, pointed hat are prominently displayed in Troi's quarters.

5) Communicator pin changed to magical pentagram shape.

4) Riker obviously made a pact with the devil that forces women to be attracted to him despite his zero personality.

3) Forty percent of all male babies born on the ship are named "Lucifer."

2) Universal Translator designed to handle speaking in tongues.

1) Picard tried to have the ship's name and registry changed to U.S.S. Beelzebub, NCC-666.
star trek the next generation
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