star trek the next generation

Top 10 Plot Twists in the  Clinton on the Enterprise  Episode:

10. Bill is watching  Hee Haw  and discussing his experiences as a Rhodes scholar with some friends. The fabric of the universe can't take this juxtiposition of the idiotic with the intelligent and Bill is technobabbly transported to the Enterprise.

9. Picard is stunned into utter speechlessness by Clinton's hair.

8. Shares  war stories  with Riker. ie.  And then her husband walked in! 

7. Thanks to replicator, all food is FAST food! Clinton's in hog heaven!

6. Dr. Crusher politely tells Bill,  with our medical technology, we can correct that overbite. 

5. Clinton learns from Star Fleet how to eliminate the US budget deficit -- get rid of money!

4. Bill & Will save Enterprise from hostile aliens by playing a rather bad duet on Sax and Trombone.

3. Advances in genetic engineering can eliminate problems from inbreeding. Clinton brings the technology home to Arkansas and becomes a hero!

2. Clinton makes the transporter an intregal part of his universal health care plan.

1. As he leaves the Enterprise, Clinton closes his goodbye with  I still believe in a place called Hope.  Data responds with,  There are exactly 143,452 settlements with that name in the geographical records. 
star trek the next generation
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