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Things you'd like to hear

: *****
: Deanna:  I sense that this particular species is quite unlike any life
: form ever before encountered by humanoids. 
: Picard:  Well, then it's a damned good thing they speak English. 
Picard to Darmok:  You're talkling gibberish! Try putting a subject
and verb together to make a complete sentence. 

Odo:  I'll let you off with a warning this time. 

Quark:  No strings attached. 

Picard:  Tea. Lipton. Iced. 

Wes:  That's a _lot_ better than what I had in mind. 

:  Ensign, assume a very peculiar orbit. 

Everyone agreeing on someones opinion on this discussion group.

Q:  You really *don't* want me on your starship? Sorry... I'll leave

Lwaxana:  Well, you're right, Little One. It's none of my business. 

Guinan:  Fucked if *I* have any clue. 

Dax: This has never happened in any of my lives.

Kira: The Cardassians may be right.

Spock: I get choked up just thinking about it.

Chekov: (any word having a  W  in it)

Enterprise speech pathologist:  Mr. Data, repeat after me: can't,
wouldn't, shouldn't. 

Picard: Beer, Blatz, luke-warm.

In re DS9:  . . . to boldly stay where someone has stayed before. 

The port power coupling going down.

Picard (to Worf): Lieutenant, open hailing frequencies.
Worf hits a button, phasers fire, alien ship destroyed
Picard: Lieutenant!!! What in the name of...
Worf: Sorry. Those two buttons are so close together.

: Picard: Worf, open a channel to that warbird!
: Worf: Hailing frequencies open, Sir.
: Warbird:  Greetings, were sorry were unable to answer your hail at this time,
: but your call is very important to us. Please leave your name, rank,
: ship name, and a good time to call, and we will return your call as
: soon as possible. Thank you..... BEEEP 

Or how about:

 You have reached a Romulan warbird. Press 1 if you wish to talk to the
communications officer. Press 2 to speak with the captain. Press 3 if
you want to communicate with the science officer. Press 4 for direct
contact with the ship's computer. Press 'pound' after any number if you
wish visual communication. Press 'star' after a number if you are using
the universal translator. Press zero for assistance. 

Worf: Permission to go down to the planet unarmed, sir.

Worf: Permission to release the prisoner unharmed, sir.

Picard/Riker: Energize
Chief O'Brien: Sorry sir, the battery's dead.

Deanna: I really can't see where you're coming from. You're sick, do you
hear me? Plain sick! Ugh, get out of my sight...

Riker: No, sorry, I'm saving myself for marriage.

Riker: No.

LaForge: There's no time for any unique, innovative and brilliant work-arounds.
We'll just have to use the backup systems... boring.

Data: I am sorry sir, but I have no information on that subject.

Picard: Tea, Earl Grey, hot, white, with two lumps and this time put the
milk in first, not like last time, and put it in my favorite mug, the big
one that says  Because I'm the Captain, that's why! 

Data:  Illegal execution at memory location EEEEF. Press R to reboot, I to
ignore, or A to abort. 

Viewscreen: General Protection Error in module LIFE_SUPPORT
The program has been Terminated.
Have a nice day...

star trek the next generation
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