star trek the next generation

Top 10 Problems Wesley Crusher has at the Starfleet Academy

10. Keeps Bumping into the doors.

9. Doesn't have his Mommy to protect him.

8. Will not get his credits in Transporter Science after he accidentally relocated the Academy to South Pole.

7. Boothby "accidentally" spraying water on him every chance he can.

6. Letters from Hugh G. Rection.

5. Former Nova Teammates putting anti-matter in his bed.

4. Thought his instructors were kidding when they said "You think you are so smart? YOU teach the damned class!"

3. Academy Internet node does not carry newsgroups.

2. The commencement speaker will be the Captian of the Boseman.

1. He never gets to save the Academy from destruction.

star trek the next generation
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