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Top 10 Reasons Why Beverly Replaced Pulaski (Or Vice Versa!)

10. Beverly threatened Picard with tap dancing lessons.

9.The crew were food poisoned by PCS (Pulaski's chicken soup)

8. Picard wanted a doctor with a decent hairdo.

7. After their little dance, Pulaski rode off into the sunset with Nagillum.

6. Pulaski was driven insane by a perpetually looped tape of Riker's trombone playing.

5. Pulaski had a tragic accident down the turbolift shaft (Holy L.A. Law Batman!)

4. Beverly was serenaded back by Picard, who chose the Carly Simon song 'Nobody Does It Better'.

3. Months after her encounter with Moriarty, Pulaski caught chronic crumpet eating syndrome.

2. Pulaski's body collapsed into a few pounds of chemicals, after Wesley called her "Mom".

And the number one reason Beverly replaced Pulaski...

1. Beverly kicked Pulaski out of the nearest air lock.

star trek the next generation
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