star trek the next generation

Data's Top 10 (Pre-Generations) Attempts at Humor

10. " that your computer's interface terminal, or did its bilinear isolinear matrix subprocessor default to its primary setting?"

9. "Take my wires...please?"

8. "Inquiry: Why did the bipedal fowl laterally transverse the paved transportation surface?...Answer: In order to relocate at the new coordinates!"

7. "A man and an android walk into a bar. The man says to the android: 'I am thirsty.' The android goes berzerk and kills him."

6. "I have a positronic funny bone."

5. "My wife is so ugly that she is visually unappealing."

4. "342.47 megahertz? Bn46.2945 - 34z!! Ha ha ha!"

3. Putting "I brake for the Borg" stickers all over the ship.

2. " is so hot today that I may have to activate my internal thermostat!"

1. Walking around with that goofy smile from "Data's Day."

star trek the next generation
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