star trek the next generation

Savin' the Enterprise

Music: "Takin' Care of Business" by B.T.O. Singer: Wesley Crusher

I get up every mornin'
To the alarm clock's warnin'
And take the turbo-lift up to the bridge.
I'm in charge of navigation
So I've got to man my station
For an acting ensign, quite a privilege.
And if there's some threat
Well, you sure as heck can bet
That I'll figure out a way to save the day!
If you ever get annoyed at this acting ensign boy,
Well, I'm not the one who writes it, okay?

I'll be savin' the Enterprise, every day,
Savin' the Enterprise, every way,
Savin' the Enterprise, it gets old,
Savin' the Enterprise, in every episode.

star trek the next generation
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