star trek the next generation

Christmas Carols: To the tune of "Winter Wonderland"

Klaxons ring,
are ya listenin'?
Out in space,
stars are glistnin'
A beautiful sight,
as we're on our flight,
flyin' on the Starship Enterprise.

Gone away
is our space nerd
In his place
I see a warbird
He thinks he's so strong,
He won't think so long!
Flyin' on the Starship Enterprise

In the brig we've got ourselves a Romulan, Say's he thinks the we are
quite the clowns! We'll have lots of fun with Mr. Romulan
Until our Klingon comes to knock him down!

Late tonight
We'll conspire
by a holo-
graphic fire
and face undismayed
the enemies we've made
flyin' on the Starship Enterprise!

star trek the next generation
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