star trek the next generation

Top 10 Pet Peeves pf Dr. Beverly Crusher

10. Without Wesley on board, now only has pet bird to discipline

9. Men with hair

8. People who constantly say "What's up, Doc?"

7. Ensigns in subspace mailroom always thumb through her hardcopy of"Dancin' & Beamin'" magazine

6. Leonard McCoy always pinched her bottom during exams at Starfleet Medical Academy

5. People who expect her to have raging temper to match red hair. She could just KILL THEM!!! OOOOOH!

4. Worf's annual stool sample

3. As soon as she fills out medical release form for some Away Team guy....BOOM!

2. Dr. Selar refuses to engage in chummy Sickbay banter

1. Dammit, she's a doctor, not a hairstyle model!

star trek the next generation
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