star trek the next generation

Top 10 Signs The Enterprise has picked up a Bad Ambassador

10 Beams aboard with a bunch of crates saying "don't worry about food,
I brought my own"

9 Casually asks for a lot of technical information and if by any
chance they are going near the Neutral Zone

8 They become attracted to Troi

7 Keeps playing "pull my finger" with Data

6 Complains to Dr. Crusher about the poor quality of replicated blood

5 Spends a lot of time in the holodeck with Barclay's programs

4 Someone accidentally bumps into him and half the crew mysteriously
slips into a coma

3 Asks Alexander if he's ever watched Gladiator movies

2 Inquires about Federation laws regarding paternity suits

1 When they zoom in the ambassador for more than 3 seconds in the opening

star trek the next generation
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