star trek the next generation

Top 10 Design Improvements For The Enterprise-E

10 "Okay, this time, *scr^w* the holodecks. They can play g*dd*mn air hockey."

9 "We cut out the arboretum and put a heavy photon cannon in there, OK?"

8 "Okay, this time the saucer section doesn't detach. We put in escape pods."

7 "Note that we've added Klingon pain-sticks to the armoury. Hey, you
never know..."

6 "So, what do you think of the squadron of fighters? Cool, huh? We
got the idea from this 20th-century movie called...."Star" something..."

5 "Note that this time, we have cleverly moved the ship's store of
dynamite out from under the bridge consoles so they won't blow up when
the ship gets shot at."

4 "We call this..."Gagh-Onna-Stick.""

3 "So, what do you think of the twin-warp-core design? You know, in
case one of them blows up?"

2 "Riker requested this...vibrating beds in all quarters. Wonder why...?"

1 "Our greatest innovation: the Hot Earl Grey Dispenser! What? Oh! You
mean you wanted *tea*?..."

star trek the next generation
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