star trek the next generation

Top 10 Bumper Stickers Seen on "Enterprise-D" Shuttlecraft

10 Borg On Board

9 "Star Wars" Rules

8 Just Say NO to "Prime Directive"

7 Kilroy Was Here... About 500 Years Ago

6 I Went All the Way to Betazed, and all I Got was This Stupid Bumper Sticker

5 My other ship is a Runabout

4 This Shuttlecraft Meets 2398 Side-Impact Safety Standards

3 If Lost, Return to Quark's Rent-a-Shuttle, Deep Space Nine

2 Captain Picard Says "It's Cool To Be Bald"

1 Gravitonic Mines On Board - You Sure You Should Be This Close?

star trek the next generation
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