star trek the next generation

Top 10 signs found on the Enterprise

10 On trash can in holodeck: "Thank you for keeping the holodeck litter-free."

9 On shuttlecraft: "I brake for Klingon Birds of Prey"

8 In Deanna's quarters: "Chocolate is my life"

7 Anywhere: "Garage sale on deck 11!"

6 In Ten Forward: "For good time call..."

5 Outside Data's quarters: "Warning: aggressive Felis domesticus!"

4 Anywhere: "Phasers don't kill people; Klingons do"

3 In Beverly Crusher's quarters: "My son is on the Honor Roll at
Starfleet Academy"

2 "Daily Holodeck maintenance from 2 AM - 11 PM"

1 Anywhere: "Have you hugged your starship captain today?"

star trek the next generation
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