star trek the next generation

Top 10 Things You'll Never Hear on ST:TNG Part One

10. (Picard) You have the bridge #1, I've got to take a monster leak.

9. (Q) Worf, you are the object of my constant adoration and
respect. I hold you in the highest esteem.

8. (Wesley) Forget homework, I'm going to make a nude hologram of Troi!

7. (Troi, to Picard) Their feelings, their feelings! That's all you
ever care about! What about MY feelings?

6. (Riker to any female) I'm sorry, but Deanna and I are Imzadi. I must remain
faithful to that.

5. (Data) What do I look like? A personal calculator??

4. (Worf) Alexander! A Klingon does not "Spank the Monkey"!!

3. (Ro) I'm sorry sir, but I'm a little choked up right now.

2. (Picard) I'm tired of negotiating. Mr Worf, lock on phasers and photon
torpedoes. You may fire when ready.

* 1. (Worf to Riker) I've never been able to tell you this before, but I cannot
deny this any longer. I love you. I really, really love you.

star trek the next generation
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