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Top 10 Things You'll Never Hear on ST:TNG Part Two

10. (Picard) Use the Force, Will!

9. (Riker to Picard) Worf must have snapped, sir. I heard him mutter, "Screw honor," then he jumped Nurse Ogawa in the Turbo-Lift.

8. (Picard to Dr. Crusher) Really, Beverly, I must tell you, you're being a pain in the ass right now.

7. (Worf to Picard) But sir, do you really think it's wise to fire upon that alien ship?

6. (Data to Crew) I have noticed that emotions usually cause many human decisions to be flawed. Logic would therefore dictate that human decisions would be irrelevant. Therefore, I have come to the conclusion that you are unnecessary. Computer, begin releasing Cyanide gas into the atmosphere at 10,000 parts per 1,000,000.

5. (LaForge to Bridge) If you'd give me just a damn minute and not want everything done yesterday, I could probably get something done right around here the first time!

4. (Wesley to Picard) You know, I've just realized that I've been wasting my entire youth away by trying to impress you, and that the only reason you give me the time of day, is because you feel guilty about widowing my mother!

3. (O'Brien to Bridge) I made a minor mistake with the transport sequencing buffers. Admiral Nucheyev will not be joining us tonight.

2. (Guinan to Anyone) I'll say this in a way so clear, even Keiko's baby wouldn't be able to miss the point.

1. (Picard to Riker) Do you ever get the urge to go down to the Holodeck, strip off all of your clothes, and run screaming through the halls of StarFleet Academy completely and totally butt naked? I'm feeling that right now, would you care to join me?

star trek the next generation
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