star trek the next generation

Top 10 Upcoming episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation

10) Breeding Grounds - Organian frat boys replace the coffee normally served on the Enterprise with Folger's crystals spiked with Klingon aphrodisiacs

9) Electro-Q-tion (alternate title: Q d'etat) - Q endows every Starfleet uniform on the Enterprise with permanent static cling

8) The Bonding II - Picard accidentally Crazy Glues himself to the table in his ready room

7) Deanna Does Pallas - while the Enterprise is on a mission in the Solar System's asteroid belt, Counselor Troi's Betazoid sex drive reaches its peak

6) Hell Hath No Fury - Keiko buries a machete in O'Brien's back after finding him on the holodeck cheating on her with a computer-generated bimbo

5) Globular Mustard - an alien probe of unknown origin pulls abreast of the Enterprise, opens hailing frequencies, and asks, "Pardon me, do you have any Grey Poupon?"

4) Embroider at Needlepoint (alternate title: Prose-Q-ting Attorney) - Q puts humanity on trial again, claiming that it is a savage and tasteless race, introducing as evidence a really ugly sweater that Dr. Crusher knitted Captain Picard for his last birthday

3) The Funted - superior aliens sieze the Enterprise claiming that they wish to study humans, but in a surprise ending reveal that the crew is really on Galactic Candid Camera

2) Out, Out, Damn Spot - Data's cat gets onto the bridge and spits up a hairball on Captain Picard

1) Star Trek VII: Up the Creek - Wesley and three of his pals must win a river rafting race for Starfleet Academy

star trek the next generation
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