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Top 10 Reasons Denise Crosby (Yar) Should Never Have Left ST:TNG

10. If would have been cooler if Yar had been killed by the Borg than some stupid blob.

9. Maybe Yar would have put Wesley in his place: just outside the hull.

8. More... um... scenes with Data?

7. Possible voice-over jobs for commercials (hey, all the other cast members did it).

6. Possible voice-over jobs for Gargoyles cartoon (see #7).

5. Yar would have punched Q long before Sisko ever heard of him.

4. Seven seasons and at least two movies - sort of a no-brainer if you ask me.

3. Yar would have whipped Ensign Ro's butt for betrayal!

2. Forget dilithium, Yar's temper could have powered the Enterprise.

1. Two words: Pet Semetary.
star trek the next generation
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