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Top 10 Tourism Slogans In The Star Trek Universe

10. Betazed: We know you want to come here!

9. In the Demilitarised Zone Colonies, there's never a dull moment!

8. Ski for your life on Rura Penthe!

7. Nimbus III: Fan-dance capital of the Quadrant!

6. Visit Vulcan.

5. Cardassia Prime, where the trains run on time.

4. Risa: Bring your Horgon

3. If you don't have a good time on the Klingon Homeworld, we'll kick the crap out of you!

2. Come to the Omarian Nebula: Thirty-million gallons of Founders can't be wrong!

and the number one slogan is...

1. Romulus: Everything you've heard about us is Jolan Tru!
star trek the next generation
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