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Member Web Accounts

Quick Summary

  • The costs of hosting are mostly paid through the support of members buying "web accounts". (The site is not-for-profit.)

  • Web accounts offer email addresses; web hosting; and other features. For full details, please view the Account Information Page.

  • Accounts are available in various levels, costing (in US dollars): $50, $80, or $120 annually - with more features with the higher the level of the account purchased, and no obligation to renew each year.

  • To purchase a webaccount, different payment options are available on request, but preferred (and easiest) is PayPal.

  • It is recommended that you read the "A Bit More Information" section below, and the Account Information Page, before purchasing.

  • When ready to purchase, the steps to follow are:

    • Load the Schematics interface (click)
    • Select (by clicking on the Outpost diagram on the left of this interface) the deck on which you would like to purchase your webaccount ("quarters"). Decks 5 or 6 are good choices, but quarters are available on most decks.
    • When the deck diagram loads on the right, select an unoccupied room. If the room you try first is occupied, keep clicking until you find one that's unoccupied!
    • Click the "Request Quarters" link on the bottom-right.
    • Follow the instructions in the window opened! (The first step is logging in with your OTF username and command code.)
    • Enjoy your quarters!

A Bit More Information

Outpost 10F offers web accounts to its membership for a fee. Web accounts feature a web site under the Outpost 10F domain name, 50 megs of web space for storage/development, an email account/mailbox, plus much more. Web accounts are favourable to those wanting to host their own personal web site under the Outpost 10F domain, obtain advertisement through the community, and enjoy friendly and responsive technical support. Learn more about Outpost 10F member web accounts.

Each web account is treated as a fictional "room" or "personnel quarters" in our schematics interface. The schematics interface is a dynamic navigation tool for site content and contains links to community projects, pages, games, and of course, members' web accounts. Placing links to members' web accounts in the schematics ultimately provides a unique theme to our web accounts and works to highlight one's site alongside other Outpost 10F content. To purchase a web account, simply load the schematics interface, click on the personnel room you wish to rent, and then follow the instructions provided. It is recommended however that prior to purchase, one read the following document.

Tools and Resources

The following tools, pages, and resources are available to Outpost 10F web account holders.

View Account Information >>
View this page to learn more about the features and services offered as part of the Outpost 10F member web account package.

View Documentation >>
View documentation explaining how to configure your member web account in addition to utilizing various tools and features.

Launch Account Management System >>
Use this tool to manage and view technical aspects of your account such as email address forwarding, vacation messages, disk usage, account passwords, and backing up / restoring your site. You will need your account username and password to access this resource.

Launch Webmail >>
Open the Webmail program in your browser and check your inbox.

Manage Email Aliases >>
Use the Profile Management System to manage your email aliases. Simply load the application, select "Email Options," and complete / submit the form provided.




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