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April 21st, 2009



April 17th, 2009


So as I was saying I read the Twilight series. I think I might have to read it again at some point but slower, although I still think that book 2 was just a bit too angsty

Moved onto the Southern Vampire book series which the tv series True Blood (back in June hurrah!) is based on. Loved it. Really really loved it. Read all 8 books in the space of 3 days. The next one isn’t out until may in the US (June in the UK) so I’ve ordered the hardback off Amazon.com and paid for business deliver (because the priority delivery was worth more than the actual book).

I’m really hoping Sookie gets back with Vampire Bill and that he doesn’t die.

April 12th, 2009

It’s all gone a bit emo

Angsty emo at that.

I hope they don’t make the sequel to Twilight, most of the movie will be all about how depressed she is.

I’d totally do the guy who plays Edward Cullen though (as long as he wasn’t made of marble and is legal – ooh nearly 23 excellent :) )

Oh no! They are making it :(