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May 29th, 2007

Lazy gits

How long can one person spend on personal phone calls during their working day….

May 26th, 2007


Whilst in what in the absence of intelligence that is the Religion and Spirituality section of yahoo answers (I know I shouldn’t tease the less fortunate). I came upon this gem of a link Fundies say the Darnedest Things!

It proves my theory that people are stupid.

May 25th, 2007

Fear the Chives!

and the sock puppet

It’s a long story but I;m having ethicall dilema about whether to tell them they’re being take along for a ride. OTOH they’ll have fun making sock puppets.

My arm’s sore :( nasty nurse! i didn’t look and I still felt sick and faint – such a wimp.

Feeling a wee bit better about earlier events now. As I said – don’t mind being thrown over for a fella. Still a “can’t Im already booked” wouldn’t have killed anyone. Have to see if I tag along with the brother but I don’t think he has any credit on his phone. Bah!

(okay 3rd time is the charm posting this without it all being centered)

May 24th, 2007


I meant to post yesterday but no biggie eh?

So the saga continues. On the site that updates, I got a reply to a pointless comment but not to my original mail message. by text I got a “wtf are you on about” reply to a pointless text (so I guess the number hasn’t changed then) and then no reply to the 2 other messages. someone is getting a phone call at about 7.30 tonight.

Anyways – went to the DR to get the BP checked (last went in November and was told to come back in 6 months). Had that health check thing back in September and it was 132/94. Went to the Drs and it was 144/86 2 months later it was 134/86 and now it’s down to 120/80 which is basically the max of fine. Have to to back tomorrow for some blood tests though

May 22nd, 2007

Swing low!

Yeah okay so apparently he says “how would you suggest I clear my work apart from actually sitting down and doing it”.

Um how about trying to sit down and do it!? Stop arsing about with phone calls about private business and 2 hour lunches. She informed us that she “didn’t have the swingers” to actually say that.

Fair enough!

May 21st, 2007

You may want to bear in mind

that it’s not a good idea to use a site that updates when you were last on.

Apparently I’m not worth replying to – which has obviously done wonders for the old self esteem.

May 19th, 2007

Jelly Babies

is it very sad that I’m excited that tonight Doctor Who is on and I’m having a chinese takeway? Well of course it’s sad but just how sad eh?

Apparently there’s a rumour that (soon to be ex) Prime Minister Tony Blair was going to appear in Doctor Who along side Kylie Minogue (WTF?)

So of course someone has taken the opporunity to play with paint shop!

Anyone for Jelly babies?

May 18th, 2007

Good news!

Heyhey it’s Friday!

and no overtime so I get a nice lovely lie in….hurrah!

May 17th, 2007

The story of Steve, Bob & Kathryn

I did plan to try and update this daily but …...ah well this is why I don’t make New Years resolutions.

I’ve had to lock comments to the Everybody’s gone to War post as it was just getting constant spam. So it can bounce back now. Sorry if any one wanted to comment.

So I emailed a friend today and managed to get some stuff off my chest about another friend which was good, but I thought I’d express some of it here because it really is kind of cathartic. (You know I thought I’d make sure I’d spelt cathartic right and I’m kind of surprised at it’s meaning Cathartic.

Have you ever felt as if a friend was dumping you? Well my friend (who we’re calling) Steve has another friend (who we’re calling) Bob. Bob and I don’t really know each other but he seems like a nice enough person. Now I don’t mind Steve having other friends, I’m not a weird possessive freak, but for a while I’ve been feeling ever so excluded.

Steve and I used to go to the cinema a lot and (s)he’d come to the weekly pub quiz every week. However for the past wee while not so much and now every time we meet up Bob is there. Again thats fine but unfortunately they’re either talking about things they’ve done or previous discussions that I’ve not been part of. Sometimes I just feel ignored.

Comments have also been made such as “Bob and I went to the pub to celebrate my graduation”. Hurrah! Why didn’t you ask me. Or we went to the cinema and Bob made a comment which suggested he and Steve had already been to a premiere at another cinema. Which makes me feel that Steve is just doing his(her) duty by seeing the same film twice and again would it really kill you to have asked me?

Now I’ve found out Steve is off to London. Whether it’s with Bob or not I don’t know but I don’t recall being told about it. (Although I think it might be to see a show). I also haven’t received Steve’s new phone number. Even though Steve deigned to reply to a text to tell me (s)he was getting the new number on Tuesday.

However I’ve been told that we have to have a sit down talk about something that happened at a restaurant the other week. When I dunno but it didn’t sound like a “we shouldn’t be friends anymore” type discussion so I’m getting really mixed signals.

Now I know that Bob & Steve aren’t seeing each other but to be honest I think it would be easier if they were because I could understand being excluded for a boyfriend. Perhaps it’s because I’m such a boring bitch. Maybe Bob really can’t stand me. I just don’t know.

Anyway I don’t think I need to make any kind of “perhaps I’m over reacting” statement because I know I’m not. If anything I’m under reacting to avoid a confrontation. So here I am feeling a bit hurt, confused and angry.

May 15th, 2007

Sheila - Jamie T

Sheila goes out with her mate Stella
It gets poured all over her fella
‘Cause she says, “man he ain’t no better
Than the next man kicking up fuss”
Drunk, she stumbles down by a river
Screams calling “London” (LONDON…)
None of us heard her coming; I guess the carpet weren’t rolled out.

Oh when my love, my darling,
You’ve left me here alone,
I’ll walk the streets of London
Which once seemed all our own.
The vast suburban churches
Together we have found:
The ones which smelt of gaslight
The ones in incense drowned

Her lingo went from the Cockney to the Gringo,
Anytime she sing a song the other girls sing along,
And tell all the fellas that the lady is single,
Fickle way ta tickle on my young man’s ting?
She’s up for doing what she like, any day more like the night(?)
She downed,drunk sauce That she stole,bought,borrowed
She didn’t like fights but at the same time understood
Fella’s will be fella’s ‘til the end of time

(good heavens you boys, blue-blooded murder of the english tongue!)

Jack had a gang that he called the Manygrams,
He was known as Smack Jack the Crackerman,
In life he was dealt some shit hands,
But the boys’ got the back now
And Jay went the same way as Micky and Dan
Dependent mans upon the heroin
And man, Lisa had a baby with Sam,
And now Jack’s on his own man

Well done, Jack! Glug! Down that cider
You’re right – she’s a slut and you never fucking liked her
Not like, what, He stopped so shocked,

Cause it turned out the last dance killed the pied piper
Tough little big man,
Friends with your daughters,
Only ‘cause they drive him to pick up all his quarters,
Brawler, larger lout brawlers,bought them their filth and they’re free?
But they ain’t near da border
Two young gun’s
Got ya held by da corner, always did a favour but never took a order
Behave young scallywag! A fine young Galahad
Glad ragged up, but only ever getting fag hags,
Hung on his shoulder, cheap price shop tags,
Slag better understand he came for the glamour,
But this tag original, superficial the issue,
But one day Jack had thirty-five doppelgangers

Sheila goes out with her mate Stella
It gets poured all over her fella
‘Cause she says, “man he ain’t no better
Than the next man kicking up fuss”
Drunk, she stumbles down by a river
Screams calling “London” (LONDON…)
None of us heard her coming; I guess the carpet weren’t rolled out.

(It’s over man, it’s over! LONDON!)

So here’s a short story about the girl Georgina,
Never seen a worse, clean young mess
Under stress, at best but she’s pleased to see you
With love, God Bless, we lay her body to rest
Now it all there started with Daddy’s alcoholic
Lightweight, chuck it down, numbing his brain
And the doctor said he couldn’t get the heart der started,
Now beat up, drugged up, she feeling the strain
She said, “In a rut what the fuck I’m supposed to do?”
Suck it out, start,stop. keep running through,
“True, but you try it ain’t easy to do.”
She been buckle-belt, beaten from the back like a brat
Dunno where she’s going, but she know where she at,
So Georgie – it’s time to chain react
But the truth is, you know, she’ll probably fall back
Tears stream down her face, she screamed away:
“When I fall, no-one catch me,
Alone, lonely, I’ll overdose slowly, get scared, I’ll scream and shout” – But you know it won’t matter she’ll be passing out,
I said gigidy-bigidy-up
Just another day
Another sad story that’s tragedy – Paramedics announced death at 10.30
Rip it up, kick it, spit out the views…

Sheila goes out with her mate Stella
It gets poured all over her fella
‘Cause she says, “man he ain’t no better
Than the next man kicking up fuss”
Drunk, she stumbles down by a river
Screams calling “London” (LONDON…)
None of us heard her coming; I guess the carpet weren’t rolled out.

May 14th, 2007

I haven’t memorised all the cute things to say

You really have to wonder at how the minds of some people work

How can someone imagine it’s acceptable to transfer his phones to anyone who is staying till 5 without asking them and then just leave?

Why the hell can’t I type properly anymore :|

May 13th, 2007

Okay Happy End

I’m trying to be good and keep updated not that there’s much to update about.

Had a bit too much to drink last night so I have a bit of head on me and I didn’t get as much sleep as I would like either.

i wonder why bbc3 showed Kill Bill but apparently aren’t going to show Kill Bill 2 they were released not far apart…...annoying!

May 12th, 2007

Coughs and sneezes…..

spread diseases so for the love of god could you cover your mouth when you cough?! It’s disgusting!

No Doctor Who tonight depressingly -(eurovision song contest instead rhe) :( . Tried to sign up for a Doctor Who forum earlier this week. Thought I had deleted the confirmation link email as their FAQs suggest that btyahoo sticks them in the bulk emails them but I emailed them a couple of days ago about it and haven’t heard back. Bum!

This is my uber GW character. By uber I mean uber for me, I’m sure she’s horrible crap for everyone else

Kingdom Sedai

May 11th, 2007


Crappy day at work

Too few staff too much work. Having to cover more phones which means you can’t get as much work cleared because you’re running around after stupid phone calls. It’s also hard to see when it all ends. We’re one supervisor down, one is on holiday, 2 are part time and one of them (mine) is about 2 weeks behind. The work is falling off – literally – those 3 desks and we have so much work coming in at the moment it’s unbelievable and totally depressing. The joke is that they want to cut staff. WE NEED MORE YOU MORON! Seriously where do they get people who honestly think you can provide quality customer service with fewer people?! Then I’m working overtime tomorrow so I will be totally knackered. Ah well at least the 28th is a bank holiday. I’m kind of annoyed because work has turned into an utter bitch fest, which is probably due to low morale and I really shouldn’t let myself be drawn into it. I feel very disappointed with myself.

Just checked my online account “sorry but there have been no transactions since your last statement” for my credit card….SORRY?! Good! you mean. Not spending on your cc is not something to be sorry about definitely!

Well I think I shall play some guild wars. After downloading google earth to find out if they’ve added an extra storey to the hotel they go to every year.

May 10th, 2007

Well heck now…

It’s nice of your parents to go out and not inform you when they’ll be back

No wait that’s not right…hmmm…..

RUDE! that’s it! it’s RUDE of your parents to go out and not inform you when they’ll be back.
I refuse to scrub some potatoes though. I was promised a sausage casserole and I’ve been at work all day. So sod em! The hypocritical thing being that my mother would have sulked like something super sulky when my brother pulled stunts like this. Ooh the irony.

This is kind of interesting – proof that so called intelligent design is rubbish: Some more of god’s greatest mistakes

May 9th, 2007

Welsh Hindus?

Well okay lets try this again

I had planned to do a nice long post yesterday but had to take the cat to the vet for his check up and shots (got him some new medication to try for his epilepsy). Then I had to wash the dishes and my mum wanted me to type up her essay for her. Anyways…..

So lets have a bitch about work then I think

Firstly we have the person who gives a running commentary on the case they are working on and then asks me really stupid questions that I couldn’t possibly know the answer to without having looked at the case. In most cases if the person had actually READ the case in the first place the stupid question would of answered itself.
Secondly the manager who never actually seems to do anywork. Was starting to get pissed off today – spent a heck of a lot of time on his self employed business – er – in your employed work hours. Not cool dude!
Thirdly we have the commander who has apparently gone AWOL. She’d just been put in charge of my command and has already done a runner – oops!

I know I said I wasn’t going to continue with the Prince of Nothing Series but I saw the Thousandfold Thought in WH Smith the other day and it’s the last book of a trilogy so I might as well find out what happens. Didn’t buy it yet though!

May 8th, 2007

Carpe Diem

I was going to do a nice big rant update type thingie but unfortunately my time is not my own tonight.

Til tomorrow then!

May 7th, 2007

Oh! The Humanity! (What - The -Fuck?!)

Soooo went to see Spiderman 3 last night. Really enjoyed it especially for the total what the fuck moments – like the dancing! People will probably hate it for that reason! I now what to see Pirate of the Carribean and Transformers (since it’s not a cartoon)

On the toothy front – seems to only hurt if Ive been eating which is an improvement on constant pain I guess.

Off work because it is a bank holiday (yipee!) and I think the parents might be going out (yipee) because I cleared out a couple of drawers of clothes and want to take them to the clothing bank and my car is blocked in by my mums. While I’m in the area where the clothes bank is I can pop into tescos and buy some chocolate and the new Mills & Boons (yippee doo!)

May 6th, 2007

The invisible and the non-existent look very much alike

So…a little entertainment update. I’m hopefully going to see Spiderman 3 tonight Yay!

    • Watching:

  • White Noise: The Light

    Well I thought the original one was a hell of a lot better. Plus I wasn’t overly impressed when they bring religious crap into it. Of course considering that Nathan Fillion played a character called The Preacher in BtVS I enjoyed the coincidence. It also had Starbuck from the new (improved) BSG in it.


    If you haven’t caught this series yet – turn into sci-fi or download it. It’s the fucking bomb. Yes it’s a bit X-Meny and I really really really loathe the Nathan Petrelli character but definitely must see TV. I especially love Hiro :)

    The Dresden Files

    This is the TV series based on the Jim Butcher books which we know I just love to bits. I wasn’t sure at first but fortunately I’ve always been able to get over things not being the same as what Ive been reading. I’ve even warmed to Bob. However it might not make it to a second series which makes me sad inside :(

    and what I nearly forgot was….

    Doctor Who

    New series has just started and the Rose Tyler character has been replaced by Martha Jones. I infinitely prefer Martha Jones. Her character seems more intelligent and personally think the chemistry is better. They also seem to be focusing less on her and more on the Doctor (whereas Rose seemed to be the main character in the previous series).
    The Doctor & Martha Jones

    • Reading:

  • The Darkness that Comes Before & The Warrior Prophet (Prince of Nothing) by R Scott Baker

    I have to say I really was a bit disappointed with this series. Probably because there aren’t any really strong female characters and any that are strong are either prostitutes or whores. I haven’t found any of the characters particularily likeable either and the writing style is a bit hard to follow at times. I don’t know if I will continue reading the series.

    Proven Guilty (Dreden Files) by Jim Butcher
    Again loved it loved it loved. The storyline is definitely moving forward and in some respects I like where it’s going. My only concern is the increasing religious overtones that are being thrown in. Particularily when Michael and his family come up in the story line. Perhaps I’m just being a little sensitive so I will keep an open mind.

    • Listening to:

  • Open Door by Evanescence

    I don’t think it’s as a strong as Fallen however there are a couple of songs on it I like. Particularily The Only One. It’s all terribly gothic ;)

    That’s all folks!

    May 6th, 2007

    Signal Fire - Snow Patrol

    The perfect words never crossed my mind,
    ‘cause there was nothing in there but you,
    I felt every ounce of me screaming out,
    But the sound was trapped deep in me,
    All I wanted just span right past me,
    While I was rooted fast to the earth,
    I could be stuck here for a thousand years,
    Without your arms to drag me out,

    There you are standing right in front of me
    There you are standing right in front of me
    All this here falls away to leave me naked,
    Hold me close cause I need you to guide me to safety

    No I wont wait forever
    No I wont wait forever
    In the confusion and the aftermath,
    [ these lyrics found on http://www.completealbumlyrics.com/lyric/131313/Snow+Patrol+-+Signal+Fire.html ]
    You are my signal fire,
    The only resolution and the only joy,
    Is the faint spark of forgiveness in your eyes,

    There you are standing right in front of me
    There you are standing right in front of me
    All this here falls away to leave me naked,
    Hold me close cause I need you to guide me to safety,

    There you are standing right in front of me
    There you are standing right in front of me
    All this here falls away to leave me naked,
    Hold me close cause I need you to guide me to safety,

    No I wont wait forever
    No I wont wait forever
    No I wont wait forever