I did plan to try and update this daily but …...ah well this is why I don’t make New Years resolutions.

I’ve had to lock comments to the Everybody’s gone to War post as it was just getting constant spam. So it can bounce back now. Sorry if any one wanted to comment.

So I emailed a friend today and managed to get some stuff off my chest about another friend which was good, but I thought I’d express some of it here because it really is kind of cathartic. (You know I thought I’d make sure I’d spelt cathartic right and I’m kind of surprised at it’s meaning Cathartic.

Have you ever felt as if a friend was dumping you? Well my friend (who we’re calling) Steve has another friend (who we’re calling) Bob. Bob and I don’t really know each other but he seems like a nice enough person. Now I don’t mind Steve having other friends, I’m not a weird possessive freak, but for a while I’ve been feeling ever so excluded.

Steve and I used to go to the cinema a lot and (s)he’d come to the weekly pub quiz every week. However for the past wee while not so much and now every time we meet up Bob is there. Again thats fine but unfortunately they’re either talking about things they’ve done or previous discussions that I’ve not been part of. Sometimes I just feel ignored.

Comments have also been made such as “Bob and I went to the pub to celebrate my graduation”. Hurrah! Why didn’t you ask me. Or we went to the cinema and Bob made a comment which suggested he and Steve had already been to a premiere at another cinema. Which makes me feel that Steve is just doing his(her) duty by seeing the same film twice and again would it really kill you to have asked me?

Now I’ve found out Steve is off to London. Whether it’s with Bob or not I don’t know but I don’t recall being told about it. (Although I think it might be to see a show). I also haven’t received Steve’s new phone number. Even though Steve deigned to reply to a text to tell me (s)he was getting the new number on Tuesday.

However I’ve been told that we have to have a sit down talk about something that happened at a restaurant the other week. When I dunno but it didn’t sound like a “we shouldn’t be friends anymore” type discussion so I’m getting really mixed signals.

Now I know that Bob & Steve aren’t seeing each other but to be honest I think it would be easier if they were because I could understand being excluded for a boyfriend. Perhaps it’s because I’m such a boring bitch. Maybe Bob really can’t stand me. I just don’t know.

Anyway I don’t think I need to make any kind of “perhaps I’m over reacting” statement because I know I’m not. If anything I’m under reacting to avoid a confrontation. So here I am feeling a bit hurt, confused and angry.