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November 24th, 2006

Naked Monk

God them BT adverts annoy me…

Recovering well from my little accident the other week. Just need to get a filling on my tooth. Bit pissed off though. I’d lost over a stone since I started this walking malarkey. Haven’t been for 2 weeks – put on 10 pounds. WTF is that all about?! Was going to start again on Monday but the cat wasnt well was up to the vets Mon-Thurs. Was going to go today – pissing it with rain. Gah!

Anyhoo….got a sexay new phone!

Samsung D900

My old phone seems to have gone missing though :|

I have been completelyobessessed with a game called guild wars it is the bees knees….go check it out on www.guildwars.com

Then you can admire my naked baldy monkness and also my clothed baldy monkness (eh free level 51 armour trumps funky purple tattooes).

naked baldy monkness clothed baldy monkness

November 10th, 2006

Things not to do on a Tuesday night

So on Tuesday I was doing my 30 minute walk (lost over a stone!) – of course the drizzle had decided to turn into pissing rain and it was windy. So headphones on, hood pulled down, crossing the road at the entrance to a housing area when I get knocked over. As far as I can tell all the driver did was knock me off my feet. Unfortunately I landed on my face :(

Lost my glasses and my insurance won’t cover it if you can’t find them – £200
Badly chipped a tooth – earliest appointment is on Thursday but apparently a crown costs around £100
Possible broken nose so I have to go the ENT clinic on Monday.
and my lip is a bit manky.

Going to the police station tonight to make a statement about it all. I don’t blame the fella who knocked me over as I was wearing dark clothes and I didn’t look left. However my mother is convinced he;s going to make a claim against me for stress confused

Happy birthday to me eh?