So on Tuesday I was doing my 30 minute walk (lost over a stone!) – of course the drizzle had decided to turn into pissing rain and it was windy. So headphones on, hood pulled down, crossing the road at the entrance to a housing area when I get knocked over. As far as I can tell all the driver did was knock me off my feet. Unfortunately I landed on my face :(

Lost my glasses and my insurance won’t cover it if you can’t find them – £200
Badly chipped a tooth – earliest appointment is on Thursday but apparently a crown costs around £100
Possible broken nose so I have to go the ENT clinic on Monday.
and my lip is a bit manky.

Going to the police station tonight to make a statement about it all. I don’t blame the fella who knocked me over as I was wearing dark clothes and I didn’t look left. However my mother is convinced he;s going to make a claim against me for stress confused

Happy birthday to me eh?