Ahhh more mundane ramblings from my ramblingly mundane life!

I’m typing this from work, when I’m supposed to be working, I feel so naughty! :K

Anyways…..the craic….

Well my watch stopped working and apparently it isn’t the battery. it’s off for a service which will take 4-6 weeks and cost me about £42…..if I didn’t really like the watch…unfortunately the other watches I have aren’t working either. Presumably that is battery related but I can’t be without a watch for 6 weeks so I bought a cheap one – it stopped working a week later. So Ive got another on now, which is amazingly too big. It probably would of been cheaper to get an entirely new watch!

As I mentioned earlier I’ve been going to the gym and yes I have kept it up, at least 3 times a week for the past 9 weeks or so. I definitely lost 4 lbs but I think it’s a couple more pounds than that overall. Course it’s only in the past couple of weeks that Ive tried to cut out the totally unhealthy stuff.