Been quiet the past few days.  To be honest not much to talk about.  Still not much to talk about.

Apparently my friend, who we’ll call Rodger has absolutely no free time at all since his new job.  It also seems he’s the only person who has had a job ever!  Gosh working is hard.  He looks tired but I can only assume it’s because he hasn’t done a proper days work in his life.

My body is crafty.  For some reason it likes to make sure it’s my special woman’s time anytime I want to go on holiday.  I’d also like to know that if I only have 1 ovary how can I be on a 3 week cycle.  Although as a bonus taking a stronger dose of evening oil of primrose meant this one completely snuck up on me.  Haven’t even really had any cramps.  So that’s pretty good.

Came across King Krush the other day so I only have 1 more to get for Frostbitten.  I actually came across Aotona the other day but I had been chatting to guy in the area and he’d mentioned that he’s been looking for her for weeks so I didn’t attack her straight away.  Of course then it occurred to me that we could be team but unfortunately some sneaky Worgen SOB killed her grrrrrr.  Not seen her since!