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March 31st, 2008

It will be mine!

No really…in 3 working days


Motorola U9


March 30th, 2008

Bookish fun for the geeks

Find out how much of a geek you are by listing all of the books you own on



March 27th, 2008

There was a spider in my book

No really there was – crawling along the page.  I freaked out and now it’s lost in my bed somewhere :(

March 19th, 2008

more spines

So the ones in the box with a cross through it I have already ready.  I’m working my way from the bottom to the top and the bottom row is 2 deep. So I have about 20 to read!



March 18th, 2008

Creased Spines

I have decided to make a concerted effort to get through all the Star Trek/Star Wars books I have.  I keep putting it off until I’ve finished with the less geeky ones, but i have come to the conclusion that, that will just never happen.  So.  Just do it!

March 13th, 2008

head *bang* desk

So…I haven’t received my nice new phone – in fact it seems (according to the website the order was complete).  So I phoned the helpline thinking it’ll be a case of “it’s on it’s way”.

But nooooooooo apparently the £15 tariff I’m signed up to isn’t the one with the free phone – WTF?!  I clicked on the link beside the phone?!

So anyway the contract I have is just a one month thing, which i can cancel at the end of the month and take the other £15 which does have the free phone (and unlimited texts which is even better).  Basically I have wasted fucking money I don’t have.

Oh yes and now I’m having trouble getting my numbers from one sim to another.  Feeling fairly frustrated here


March 12th, 2008

Unnecessary complicatedness

Right so my current mobile phone contract is nearly up and I was offered an upgrade thingie

Well really I wanted to change my tariff for a lower one.

I’m with o2 but I normally deal with the Carphonewarehouse.  The carphonewarehouse didn’t have a phone i liked OR a cheaper tariff (as far as I could see on their website)

However i know that o2 do do one.  So went to their website…..found it and with the phone I wanted.  Got a new sim today

So I phoned to check if I could keep my same number  – my number isn’t on the 02 system (because it was done through the CPW apparently).  So I had to phone them.  Apparently I can’t port a number from the same provider…WTF?!

Ironically my new tariff is called simplicity

March 3rd, 2008

Spring Cleaning

Well – kind of.

Off for a couple of days as I have so much damned flexi time at work!

So decided to get my hair trimmed/cut whatever and clear out the clothes I no longer/never wear as it’s hard to get space in my chest of drawers anymore.

 So – four black binbags worth.  Fortunately the local supermarket has a clothes recycling bin and I can chuck them in there.

I’m also debating clearing out the bottom of my wardrobe as well – it’s basically shite. 

My problem is that I have short legs and a long back (with big boobs).  So unless I try it on in the store I envitably buy jeans that are too long (since I need at most 29”) or shirts that are too short.  Also I don’t like wearing things that leave the tops of my arms bear because A) I have fat arms and B) my tattoos are on display.  Which I don’t mind but my parents wouldn’t appreciate. Unfortunately elbow length does not seem to be in fashion at the mo

So the moral of the story is try shit on before you buy it

March 1st, 2008


Nothing even vaguely interesting is happening right now – seriously…..

Although I am off work Monday & Tuesday – hurrah does a dance