Well – kind of.

Off for a couple of days as I have so much damned flexi time at work!

So decided to get my hair trimmed/cut whatever and clear out the clothes I no longer/never wear as it’s hard to get space in my chest of drawers anymore.

 So – four black binbags worth.  Fortunately the local supermarket has a clothes recycling bin and I can chuck them in there.

I’m also debating clearing out the bottom of my wardrobe as well – it’s basically shite. 

My problem is that I have short legs and a long back (with big boobs).  So unless I try it on in the store I envitably buy jeans that are too long (since I need at most 29”) or shirts that are too short.  Also I don’t like wearing things that leave the tops of my arms bear because A) I have fat arms and B) my tattoos are on display.  Which I don’t mind but my parents wouldn’t appreciate. Unfortunately elbow length does not seem to be in fashion at the mo

So the moral of the story is try shit on before you buy it