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February 27th, 2006

Ooooohh Owie!

When I break a nail  I really break a nail!

February 22nd, 2006

Did I break a mirror?

Sad news….the baby has been hurt! :(

He killed it!

My dad was driving at the time and basically a lorry pulled in front of him. My dad is fine! I haven’t even had the damn thing a month!

Don’t even fell like discussing it! I’m all worried about this insurance thing works and will I have to pay for repairs and the like. The other driver should be liable and it was all his fault.

Oh – and the sinuses started acting up.

Other than that stuff is toodling along. Although slightly annoyed as my car insurance payments are at an all time. Seriously…how long do you have be driving before you’re paying a slightly sensible amount? It’s crazy!

Apparently the friend is all depressed like as well. Which I don’t really know what to do about. I can’t really force her to go places if she doesn’t want to, although I shall try and persuade her tomorrow.

February 13th, 2006

Well out of it please

Some people just make life complicated for themselves really

I should probably expand upon this, although then it wouldn’t be cryptic but anyhow…..

I’m not entirely sure how m uch of the truth I am being told, the denials about certain things seem a bit too “doth protest too much”, and surely more common sense should of been involved.

If it weren’t for something being mentioned I’d swear it was a leg pull….hell it might even be one, just on a bigger scale.

February 7th, 2006


I worked my little behind off today.

Not sure why I bother. My pay is shit and the thanks is lacking.

Lucky for them that despite my inherent laziness I have a strong work ethic!

February 5th, 2006

All right! I’ll admit it! I’m weak!

Okay the brother seems to have moved out and in with the girlfriend (yes there is much dancing – at least mentally), was going to thwap the mother when she tried to suggest I give him money for the computer (fuck off woman! I’m broke!).

I sort of accidentally bought myself one of these on ebay.

ipod nano

I don’t even want to use it, I just want to look at it…..so pretty…...gawd I’m such a sheep :( . And I can’t actually afford it :|

Also – if you like Half Life 2 check out this Concerned – The half-life and death of Gordon Frohman. Frohman not Freeman, it’s basically a parody of the game! I love it! So much so I shall be adding it to my links.

Morrowind – now there’s a bitch of game, and that’s with the cheats.

February 3rd, 2006

So Sad, So Lonely - Matchbox Twenty

I found out
On a late night drive
In my winter coat
With my blood-shot eyes
My faith ain’t been
No friend to me
And the way i sin
Is hanging off of me

And i’m sorry
You can’t take me anywhere
Pretty soon we’re almost there
Baby, one more night
It’s been a long, long drive
And i’m way, way tired
I don’t need no
Back-up plan

I don’t want nobody
Nobody don’t want me
I’m so sad so lonely
But i’m always landing on my feet

One more time
With a sad, sad smile
And your white bread friends
In the circus life
All the one-way rides
The sweet beginners
Passing on the left-hand side
With a sideways smile

And i’m always
One step from stalling
Bad trips can make great stories
Dance all night
With your ass on fire
And your hands up high
And feel me one more time


I learn to love myself
And i don’t need no one else
And when a love moves on
Cuz it gets cold
Then another moves in
And it can fill the hole

I’m one more
Hopeful lying on the bedroom floor
No sense trying
When the whole thing drops
You lose your nerve
I hope you get what you deserve