Okay the brother seems to have moved out and in with the girlfriend (yes there is much dancing – at least mentally), was going to thwap the mother when she tried to suggest I give him money for the computer (fuck off woman! I’m broke!).

I sort of accidentally bought myself one of these on ebay.

ipod nano

I don’t even want to use it, I just want to look at it…..so pretty…...gawd I’m such a sheep :( . And I can’t actually afford it :|

Also – if you like Half Life 2 check out this Concerned – The half-life and death of Gordon Frohman. Frohman not Freeman, it’s basically a parody of the game! I love it! So much so I shall be adding it to my links.

Morrowind – now there’s a bitch of game, and that’s with the cheats.