Well the great doing well fell down spectacularly yesterday. Ate too much crap, didn’t go out for a walk.  Made excuses for myself as per usual.

For some reason I’m getting people registering for my blog, looking at their email addresses I’m guessing it’s for spam purposes.  But um…..well unless they’re sending spam to by outpost address

It’s all rather pointless.  I’m certainly not going to click any of the links & I’m going to ruthlessly suppress anything spammy on my blog.  So…GET A REAL FUCKING JOB

Actually in connection with that.  Had a phone call last night – they knew my name so some bastard has been selling my information can’t remember where they said it was from something like “customer world” and I may be due a refund if I could confirm my account details.  Actually it was one of those from India or somewhere similar so quite difficult.  As I’m reasonably positive no one owes me a refund then I figured for a scam.  I’m still awaiting the word wide web to phone me back so I can scream some more abuse at them.