Another Monday is here again

It’s all gone completely to pot.  All my good intentions.  Grrrrr.  Right. Monday is another day.  Be good with food.  Get out for your walk End of.

5 weeks till we head to London for the Games.  Unfortunately we seem to be the only ones excited about it L.  Well going by the online people anyway.  Apparently it’s all going to be terrible n wot not :rollseyes:.  And there seems to be some insistence that we should’ve backed out when the financial crisis hit.  Because yes….that’s possible.  Oh yeah and that the inconvenience is going to be forever instead of a few weeks.  God people are miserable bastards sometimes.


I have been spending far too much time on the internet on my phone, nearly at my maximum allowance for the month when previously I was no where near.  Still have until the 12th July so I’m really going to have to curb it.  I suppose this has been the first full month when I haven’t been training or off for a while and as such hitting it hard.  Fortunately off in July and most of August but September & October probably won’t be pretty.

Feeling a bit sick after lunch. Not sure if it’s the food or that I made a phone call to a customer that made me all nervous.