Sad news….the baby has been hurt! :(

He killed it!

My dad was driving at the time and basically a lorry pulled in front of him. My dad is fine! I haven’t even had the damn thing a month!

Don’t even fell like discussing it! I’m all worried about this insurance thing works and will I have to pay for repairs and the like. The other driver should be liable and it was all his fault.

Oh – and the sinuses started acting up.

Other than that stuff is toodling along. Although slightly annoyed as my car insurance payments are at an all time. Seriously…how long do you have be driving before you’re paying a slightly sensible amount? It’s crazy!

Apparently the friend is all depressed like as well. Which I don’t really know what to do about. I can’t really force her to go places if she doesn’t want to, although I shall try and persuade her tomorrow.