Crappy day at work

Too few staff too much work. Having to cover more phones which means you can’t get as much work cleared because you’re running around after stupid phone calls. It’s also hard to see when it all ends. We’re one supervisor down, one is on holiday, 2 are part time and one of them (mine) is about 2 weeks behind. The work is falling off – literally – those 3 desks and we have so much work coming in at the moment it’s unbelievable and totally depressing. The joke is that they want to cut staff. WE NEED MORE YOU MORON! Seriously where do they get people who honestly think you can provide quality customer service with fewer people?! Then I’m working overtime tomorrow so I will be totally knackered. Ah well at least the 28th is a bank holiday. I’m kind of annoyed because work has turned into an utter bitch fest, which is probably due to low morale and I really shouldn’t let myself be drawn into it. I feel very disappointed with myself.

Just checked my online account “sorry but there have been no transactions since your last statement” for my credit card….SORRY?! Good! you mean. Not spending on your cc is not something to be sorry about definitely!

Well I think I shall play some guild wars. After downloading google earth to find out if they’ve added an extra storey to the hotel they go to every year.