So I’ve had a toothache for about three weeks

When I say toothache I mean it was a constant pain that I was taking painkillers every 6 hours for and woke me up in the middle of the night when the painkillers wore off.
I had phoned up the dentist surgery 2 weeks ago and was told the earliest appointment was the 4th of May and I needed a check up anyways.

Well after the weekend I phoned again and was told i could come down one morning and he might see me between patients. So I did. My filling was taken out and my tooth packed (?), a temp filling put in and I was going back on the 4th for the permanent one.

Unfortunately it didn’t work. I decided to just dose myself and wait patiently till the 4th.

So now I’ve had the nerve removed (I think) and another temp filling put in and Im going back in August (I kid you not that was the soonest) it was fine yesterday and yay not sensitive anymore but my yesterday evening – guess what – it still aches! Argh! (admittedly not as bad as before). My tongue now feels a bit dry on one side too.

I beginning to think it’s all in my head or Ive got the wrong tooth or something.