I am still here
Well kinda

Just felt like being all anonymous.

Nothing desperately exciting to tell. Been going to the gym all regular like although Im concerned I don’t think I’m dropping any/much weight although other folks have commented on it. I’ll jump on the scales at boots again and see what they say although Im not holding my breath, I just wonder at what point do you go to the dr. Besides which Im a raging hypochondriac, but I know that I am which makes me very reluctant to go.

Anyhoo…..parents are off on holiday for 2 whole weeks in less than a fortnight and guess who’s taking 2 weeks of work?



hopefully my brother is going to be buggering off as well since he was being all cagey like. The house to myself. I can walk round nekkid muwhahahahahahahahaha! Be thankful I don’t have a web cam!