Yes I pretty much disappeared off the face of the earth again. Soz! (Cause you know Im assuming that someone other than me reads this – hahahahahahaha). Basically the folks are off to Jersey (channel islands) and Im off work. Ive got myself totally absorbed in some fan fiction (what fan fiction Im not telling you as Im slightly embarassed to be reading it), Im actually tempted to write some myself. I haven’t written any ff since my JetC forays a few years ago. i suck at it. Id love to be literary but I don’t really have the vocab and i have trouble expanding on my ideas. I am getting slightly narked off at the poor spelling, grammar and wot not on some of these fics. Specially the one at the moment where in one chapter there was used for they’re 3 times. Still it’s only a kid writing, and people get incredibly pissed when you point these things out to them, so I’ll try and ignore it. Argh your instead of you’re – god dammit! How the fuck do these people get through school? Ive also been absorbed in playing Might and Magic VIII (with a walkthrough naturally ;) )

Anyhow….on a more interesting note, I have splashed out and bought a lap top. Today in fact. It’s being delivered. Slightly implusive since I need one like I need a hole in the head, but I’ve wanted one for ages. Blah. I’m so weak :( . Can’t wait till I get it though I’ll be able to type away in peace and quiet instead of in the middle of the house :) It’s a Packard Bell. It’s probably crap since I don’t really know about these things but I just need it to work.

The brother has naturally been a total pain in the arse since the parents have been away. Fortunately he isn’t off work like me so his friends have only been over at the weekends (I don’t mind the mess it’s the fact they’re so friggin noisy and I’m trying to sleep, they even go outside – we don’t live in the middle of nowhere, there are other houses around us). Last night the on/off girlfriend who has just popped out kid numero 3 (and she’s my age), stayed over. So I think it’s on. I’m still not sure who the father of the child is (who btw throws half her food up every time she eats but is still a chubby little thing, and very smiley). Since no one has referred to me as Aunty, the brother as Daddy or the Parents as Granny/Granda I’m assuming it isn’t the brother – however the brother apparently isn’t paying housekeeping despite having a full time job. I should probably just ask. Ashleigh would. I should get her in the same room as the brother & the girlfriend. She’d ask straight out!

In other news I’ve been keeping up with the gym visits (even on Sunday when I had a hangover) and Ive lost about 9lbs, however I think I might have a tendency to retain water so I’m getting one of those body fat indicator thingies :) . Unfortunately Ive been totally pigging out this week (due to the mother not being around to nag) so I’ll probably pile it all again Hmm never mind.

Well I guess that’ll do for the moment!