Well now…..the nice people on the telephone line said try taking it down to the store to see if they can do a backup. So I did. My dad stuck a gas tank in the boot of the car so I just stuck on the back seat. On the journey down the damn thing slid off the back seat and landed on the floor.

Anyways – went into the store (sans computer) to see if I could book it in. Booked in for Friday at 12. “Oh okay, my mum will be leaving it down?” “You could leave it in tomorrow evening if you wanted”. At this point I thought I would seem like a bit of a dick if I said “Here it’s in the car”, so I took it home. Now the girl had said write down exactly what file you wanted so i thought I’d plug it in to check it was okay and to find my oblivion game saves. It goes chuggachuggachuggachugga. FUCK!

So leave it down on Thursday evening. They phone me back that night “the hard drive seems to be gone, you’ll need to phone the helpline to get a technician sent out” (apparently the store don’t do repairs….yeah). Phone the helpline. “Do you have the computer there in front of you?”

Get the computer back on Friday and phone the helpline…..after about 20 mins the fella concedes it’s FUBAR’d and they’re sending out someone tomorrow.

Fingers crossed!