I never gave an opinion on the new Rob Thomas album.  I like some of the songs but I don’t know, I just don’t love it as much as I used to love Matchbox Twenty.  First two albums great, loved a  good number of songs on 3 but after that…...

Anyway – not the main reason for my post.  So as you know I’ve been on a losing weight kick.  A new forum I was on had started a losing weight thread but seeing as how I was the last person to post a week ago I figure everyone else has lost interest :( .  So I thought I’d just keep a note here.  Now my offical weighing in day is a Wednesday morning – morning is the best time to weigh yourself.  However for the purposes of this blog I shall do it on a Sunday.  I weigh myself everyday which I now you’re not supposed to do but that’s the whole point of the offical weighing day – no other days really count.

So the Sundays recorded so far (afternoonish weigh-ins)

21/06/09 20st 9lbs

28/06/09 20st 6lbs

05/07/09 20st 3lb

12/07/09 20st 1lb

19/07/09 19st 11lb

 I think I’ll be happy if I could stop going into the 20st mark.