Right…decided to leave the theme as is, mostly because I can’t figure out how to edit it and partly because I can’t be bothered trying to figure out how to edit it :P . It looks good though :) and much credit to the creator http://themes.star-shaped.org/

Got my new phone and it is pretty and very very girly. For example it can tell you when the best time to get pregnant is. Now I would of thought that anyone dedicated enough to check that kind of thing, would be taking a bit more scientific approach to it. Anyhow, here is an actual picture of it.

However I can’t seem to send media messages or emails on it. I can’t figure out why not on that one either. Not having a great time technical wise this week!

Ohh I have moved in work, well moved like 2 months ago and I just mean to another part of the room. I’m not sure if like it as much. A couple of them just phone in for days off, even though we’re short handed. The new girl doesn’t actually seem to do anywork, just talks, and when she does ask you about something doesn’t actually listen to your reply and puts the stuff back on the pile. Then there’s the oldest…...I swear to god I never realised that someone who had been working there for so many years could be so entirely incompetent…it’s a joke, a total joke. Another person who will ask you about something and you’ll give them an explicit answer and they ignore you anyway. Not to mention that if she has a topic of conversation she bangs on and on and on and on and on about it….eg bird flu (ARGH! WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE!), her giving up her smoking and what the smoking was doing to her and the weather. She’ll tell you the same thing over and over and then repeat it as other member of the section come in…..makes you want to bang your head off the table.

Now there’s 2 off sick for fuck knows how long, we don’t have an AA who basically requests files, traces files when post comes in (which believe it or not is quite useful cause you can waste a good hour trying to match stuff up), the “woman” is training. and the other who is only part time is off for another week. So there’s 2 of us doing 6 desks….and we’re getting into the busy season.

Oh and our lovely employers are trying to stiff us again with years pay award. Grrrrrrr! Seriously I think they really resent the fact that they have to pay us at all. I especially appreciate when they try and indicate that we’re really well paid (hahahahahahahahahaha), by quoting the pay of someone higher up the food chain than the majority of civil service are. I also don’t see why I should be paid less than someone in England for doing the same bloody job. Athough at this point I’d just like my pay rise please! Hypocrites, can’t wait for the next survey so they can ignore the fact that 97% of their work force is unhappy with their rates of pay.

My little car is not going so well. Had a problem which got sorted out, but now my dad has cracked the wing mirror and the rubber is coming off the back windscreen wiper. I wished I’d traded it in when they phoned. I told them to phone back in Jan and now Im wondering if I can phone them. Poor baby, served me well if not a lot and now I’m anxious to get rid :( .

Oh…I caught the fnale of Six Feet Under the other night, I was extremely impressed with the ending and also with the song Breathe Me by Sia. I highly recommend that you check it out post haste http://umusic.ca/sia/

There’s nothing on the telly tonight :( , but Im off to watch the lottery, cause it might be me!