Cause I really don’t want to be like thishorrible excuse for a human :O.

“Maurice Mills said that the natural disaster – which killed 1,300 people, caused $130bn worth of damage and left tens of thousands homeless – was an act of God against those who practise homosexuality. “

The slug that is Maurice is a member of the DUP (democratic unionist party) the political wing of the Free P’s (free presbyterians) the most joyless bunch of god botherers that ever did exist.

Quite frankly if believing in god means I have to LOWER myself to have such vile, insulting thoughts I’m quite glad to have realised there isn’t one. I have often found that those who consider themselves more “moral” than the rest of us, are not nice people.

Some of the problems I have with this:-

1. Apparently his god has no problem what so ever in destroying and ending the lives of the most vulnerable just to disrupt a gay pride parade even though those he killed had nothing to do with said parade? – oh yes let me sign up to worship that monster.

2. His god has decided that the actions of two consenting adults who are hurting no one is so much more reprehensible than those of say…soliders…in dictatorship countries who slaughter and mutilate innocent people and rape women and children. Please, please, please sign up to worship the monster.

3. His god is so friggin incompetent he couldn’t even manage to get the right day, waited 35 years to punish them for it, left the district where it was going to be held as one of the least devastated and managed to devastate parts Alabama and Mississippi. Surely as a god he could be a bit more precise and clear in his message, or perhaps aim for somewhere THAT ISN’T PRONE TO HURRICANES? Seriously…..omnipotent….I really don’t think so

I would never vote for the DUP, even with a gun to my head anyway and this boil on the arse of humanity has certainly reaffirmed my sheer distaste. I hope that anyone who voted for him does not do so again.

Okay I have finished ranting now, I was just so disgusted when I heard about it.