where the hell are the music taste police? Robbie Williams Angels won the best song of the 25 years in the brits awards, the other other nominees were as follows:

Brits 25 best song award:
Joy Division – Love Will Tear Us Apart, Kate Bush – Wuthering Heights, Queen – We Are Champions, Robbie Williams – Angels, Will Young – Leave Right Now.

Seriously…there have been no better songs in the past 25 years? WTF?! The Joy Divison song was far superior but it’s like it’s been rigged for Robbie to win…gee I wonder if he has an album coming out soon? Personally I like the song, but lyrically and musically it’s not that great – come on you can admit it. It wasn’t quite as bad as busted winning song of the year for Thunderbirds are Go (did that even make number 1?), of course song of the year is a load of crap. They should ban tweens from buying music :O

In other news….Charles marries Camila, good for him – anyone with a problem – get the hell over it already FFS. It makes him happy and it hurts absolutely no one. It affects you in NO WAY at all.

Which leads me on to my final grumble of today…..tabloids, red tops, paparazzi – I blame them. The hysteria, the hyperbole the down right bull shit that people swallow like the bloody morons that people en masse (and sometimes individually) are. The actual real and somewhat less interesting truth gets stamped on in the effort to see who can scream the loudest.