Dontcha love it when your computer decides to spontaneously reboot?

Back to work yesterday! Sadly I was just being screwed over tax and NI :(. I also seem to have this mountain of work which I just can’t seem to reduce. Blah!

Anyways…on with the show


The Hour of the Gate (Spellsinger Series) – Alan Dean Foster: To be honest I read this book a bit too fast to do it justice. I certainly enjoyed, thought it was a bit meatier than the first novel and a little more serious. I have the rest of the series to read now which I’m looking forward too.

Storm Front (Dresden Files) – Jim Butcher:
Well not quite finished this book. It’s a really good read. Think Columbo crossed with Charmed – only in a good way. Definitely recommend it!



Hmm weird sci-fi/horror/comedy. Reminded me a bit of Critters (humour wise) with typical dawn of the dead type gore. So I enjoyed it ;) . I especially liked the deer fighting back!