They’re quite tasty actually.

So I’m waiting for an auction to end in Ebay (for a ds lite would you believe) and I’ve been wanting to do a nice big update – so here goes. I’ll make some attempt to be chronological about it all.

So the whole computer hoopla was kind of pointless. The nice computer fella who came out and fixed the computer after it fell off the back seat of my car (shhhhhhhh we’re not telling them that) suggested trying a floppy disk to retrieve my dads files (the whole reason for the arsing about with the hard drive tower in the car in the first place) – which worked. I then had to do a system recovery so I lost everything else but eh….made Oblivion run a hell of a lot better.

They’ve shuffled us about a work a little bit. We were going to have to move up a section (ie a few feet) but fortunately someone figured out that made no sense. So we didn’t However we did get more surnames (we work alphabetically) which sucks ass and we also got the laziest fucking cunt in the whole branch. The desk was empty before and between the 3 of us we kept it up to date. He comes in at 9.30 (except for those days when he phones in to say he’ll be late) leaves at 3.30 and I have no fucking idea what he does in the intervening hours because there’s precious little work done I can tell you. He’s been out of his training for a few months but he’s still asking really basic questions. I can’t understand a word he says and I’m constantly going “what?” “pardon?” and he STINKS of BO…it’s ridiculous! He has a girlfriend! Men with partners should not stink of BO! ahem. I feel a bit better now.

Went to Blackpool on Wednesday for the day and managed to get hideously sunburnt on my shoulders!
We didn't go up this tower I did buy this tacky hat though

I’ve completed the main quest in Oblivion (today) so now I can just wander aimlessly around doing silly quests since I’m also Arch-Mage, Guild Master of the Fighters Guild, Guild Master of the Thieves Guild and Arena Champion! If only I could find out who gives me the jumbo potatoes quest. Here is a picture of my character (taken with a mobile as I haven’t been able to get the screen shot thing to work)
I should probably add that I cheated like crazy.

What else? Hmm I guess I should do an entertainment update?

I really really really want to see Pirates of the Carribean but I have been unable to get Ash to go due to financial issues. Might take myself off at some point. I don’t know why but I always feel a bit crap going to see a film by myself.

    • Watching:

  • X Men 3 – The Last Stand:

    Not much to say. Good fun as long as you don’t think too much about it.

    • Reading:

  • Fool Moon (Dresden Files) – Jim Butcher
    : Can’t praise this series enough! It’s a little like Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel (more Angel since it’s a little more adult). I say a little so if you hated BtVS or/and Angel don’t let that put you off!

    Scattered Suns (Seven Suns Saga) – Kevin J AndersonI always feel like apologising everytime I say I like this series and I shouldn’t. It’s described as a soap opera in space and that’s what it is. Easy to read (despite the volume of main characters) and nothing too stretching.

    Priestess of the White (Age of the Five) – Trudi Canavan
    : Yes I did buy this book several months and yes I am only getting round to reading it now. I think it’s quite different from the Black Magician Series and I haven’t immediately fallen in love with it as I did with Black.

    • Listening to:
  • Eyes Open – Snow Patrol: I liked a couple of singles on this album but thought it would be one of those albums were you do only like the singles. WRONG! Ones to listen out for are Set the fire to the third bar and Make this go on forever as well as the gorgeous Chasing Cars.

    Right-o I think that will do for now. My auction has nearly ended and I want to watch horse whisperer . I had a little panicky moment about 15 minutes ago when I could smell smoke and though my lap top had set fire to my bed. But no. Phew!