Yes, yes, still shit at the old updates…..and now I’m doing this from work (well started at work and finished at home – I was supposed to be off my lunch and the AA kept hovering).

Speaking of work – constantly talking woman is now off for the month! Hurrah!

So…broke the filling on my front tooth, about the time my half way through a root canal tooth decided that hot stuff really was agonising to it. fortunately got it fixed and didn’t get charged – hurrah! Still not all that keen on hot stuff though. Also the bugger is going private :( wahhhhhh bloody dentists

You’ll be thrilled to know that the BBC finally showed Kill Bill 2 (nearly 2 months later) on BBC2 bizarrely. Not that I wildly love Kill Bill it’s just nice to see the conclusion

Steve is pissing me off again with the whole not replying business. Seriously – would it kill you to reply with a “no sorry can’t” would it? would it really?! Of course if I bug “him” about it I get the “I’m so exhausted treatment”. So point ranting about it I guess.

Very Very sad Dr Who is over for a while. There’s going to be an xmas special but it has Kylie Minogue on it and I’m not overly excited about that. It kind of ruins the brief illusion of it being real if they stick a whopping big star in there. Also – Kylie….well I’m a bit apathetic about her. However I shall reserve judgement. Also we’re losing Martha for half a season (bah) . Whilst I’ve been defending her on a who forum and I do like her, I don’t think I’d really be that bothered by having a new companion. One of the main reasons I was so keen on Martha was because I really disliked Rose, and the main reason I disliked Rose was because I disliked Bille Piper, which made it hard for me to overlook all the irritating character flaws which normally wouldn’t bother me.

In more pleasing news Order of the Phoenix
and then a week after that The Deathly Hallows

I’m just so excited! Christ that’s terribly sad.

Decided I was going to re read the books (well decided ages ago but wanted to wait till nearer the time) but can I find the philosophers stone or order of the phoenix? Can I heck. So went and bought them new. Course if I could be a bit more determined I know I could definitely find OotP, maybe…..perhaps.

So I guess that’s it for now

and remember – throwing inflammable things that are likely to explode onto a bonfire, isn’t big, isn’t clever and really isn’t funny.